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Zoom Webinar

Video Webinars

  • Unlimited webinar sessions for up to 30 hours each
  • Brand your Zoom Webinar with a customized backsplash and control over speaker virtual backgrounds
  • Ability to export registrant and attendee lists
  • Integrate with CRM and marketing automation tools
  • Monetize your webinar through paid registration
  • Ability to live stream your webinar to third-party platforms
  • Record your webinar to the cloud
  • Access to post-session reporting

Zoom Events

Event Platform

Everything in Zoom Webinar, and:

  • An all-in-one event management solution
  • Event hubs for organizing and showcasing your events and hosts
  • Host multi-session, multi-track and multi-day events where you can use either Zoom Webinar or Zoom Meetings (or both!)
  • Have your own greenroom for each session with Backstage, a new feature that gives speakers and hosts their own space to watch the livestream and gather during the event
  • Customizable registration and ticketing options
  • Attendee networking through a chat-enabled event lobby
  • Live stream session content to event lobby and third-party platforms
  • Post session recordings to Event Lobby and allow attendees to view after the event is completed
  • Event analytics, including registration, attendance, event engagement and ticket sales
  • With your purchase of Zoom Events, you will be able to schedule webinars in the webinar portal with all of the benefits of that come with a Zoom Webinar license.

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Optional Add-on Plans

*You must have at least one Licensed user to purchase these Add-on plans.

Audio Conferencing


  • All paid plans come with local toll numbers, but Audio Plan allows you to add Call Out, global Toll-free and local dial-in for premium countries
  • No charge to your participants to call in from any device
  • Easily select one or multiple countries for Toll-free call-in
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Zoom Event Services

  • Work with Zoom Event experts to maximize your event
  • Available services include consulting, live in-event support and white-glove event management
  • Support available for Zoom Meetings, Zoom Webinar and Zoom Events
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Cloud Storage

  • Store, stream and download your video recordings from the Zoom Cloud
  • MP4 or M4A file formats available
  • Storage options include up to 3TB/month
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Premier Developer Support

Tiered support packages to help minimize risk and reduce downtime
  • Prioritized technical resources & committed developer work hours available through tiered plans
  • Quickly troubleshoot and resolve development issues within guaranteed target response times
  • Directly communicate and easily manage open support cases via Zoom’s secure Developer Support Portal
  • Get expert assistance with your developer administration needs including support for App Marketplace submissions, releases, and maintenance
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Frequently Asked Questions

Zoom Events is a virtual event platform for hosting single-session, multi-session, and concurrent session events. Zoom Events builds on the functionality of Zoom Meetings and Webinars by adding dedicated event hubs, robust registration and ticketing options, and attendee networking to all of your event types (public or private, free or paid). Publish your events to a private or public directory to make it easy for attendees to join.
Zoom Events is an all-in-one solution for virtual events, built on Zoom's reliable video technology, that allows you to seamlessly create and manage virtual events of any size. It allows you to create, market, and report on your virtual events while using the Zoom technology you know and love.
Zoom Webinar is great for single-session, one-to-many presentations. Zoom Events adds to the capability to connect multiple webinar sessions and even combine with Zoom Meetings for longer, more interactive virtual experiences. Zoom Events includes complete event management with features like branded events hubs, registration and ticketing, and enhanced reporting. Check out the dedicated FAQ for Zoom Webinar here.
OnZoom is designed to help Zoom license holders build and grow successful consumer experience businesses. With OnZoom, businesses can generate event awareness on a public directory, host their specialized events, and monetize them through ticket sales. OnZoom is remaining in beta as we continue to upgrade the product and add features.
Zoom Events is our virtual event platform for hosting single-session and multi-session events. Zoom Events builds on the functionality of Zoom Meetings and Webinars by adding dedicated event hubs, supports multi session events, customizable registration and ticketing options, and attendee networking for free or paid event types. Experiences created on the Zoom Events platform can be shared widely to attendees, but will not have the option to post to the OnZoom public directory.
For OnZoom, hosts need to have a meeting license and/or a webinar license to schedule one-time or series events OnZoom. In order to use Zoom Events, hosts will need to purchase the Zoom Events license.
A Zoom Events license comes with access to schedule webinars in the Zoom Video Webinar portal, and all webinar features are included. You will not be able to host a Zoom Video Webinar from the portal and a Zoom Event at the same time using the same license.
Similar to Zoom Webinar capacity tiers, Zoom Events can support up to 50,000 people (includes hosts, co-hosts, panelists, and attendees). For events with more than 10,000 people, contact sales to assess your needs and get a quote.
Yes, Zoom Events provides the functionality to create private or public events. Both event hubs and specific events can be made public or private. These settings are easily controlled in the Zoom Events platform when creating and managing hubs and events.
The Host has full permissions to schedule an event, control the settings, and manage the experience. The Host can assign alternative hosts who can also start the sessions (must be a licensed user associated with the same account).
Co-hosts share many of the Host's administrative controls, with the exception of being able to start the session.
Panelists are those helping to run your event (moderators, interpreters, etc.). They can screen share content, as well as use audio and video to participate in the event. Speakers can also make edits to the sessions they belong to. The number of panelists you can have in a session is determined by your Zoom Meeting license plan.
Speakers are active presenters at your event. They can join all sessions with a Speaker Ticket. Speakers can also make edits to the sessions they belong to including speaker bios and session details.
Attendees are people attending your event. Depending on whether you set up a session as a meeting or webinar, attendees have the ability to interact with the host and each other. An attendee can be promoted to a panelist by the host or co-host if it is a webinar session.
Panelists and Attendees can join your sessions with no need to purchase or download Zoom, but they will need to be signed into their account.
Hub owners can create and delete a hub and set up billing information. Hub managers can add other hub hosts and managers as well as add events. Hub hosts can add events to the hub.
Zoom Events capacity is based on the total number of people included in the plan that you purchased. Capacity includes everyone who joins the session live, including a host, co-hosts, panelists, and invited attendees.
Hosting paid events will be available in the following countries:
  • United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and France
Hosting free events will be available in all countries except for:
  • Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Ukraine, China, Russia, Turkey, India, Venezuela, Belarus, Myanmar/Burma, Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, South Sudan, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Yemen, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan.
Yes. Zoom Events can support concurrent sessions.
No, the total number of tickets you can sell is based on the capacity of the license you purchased.
Features specific to Zoom Events that customers love include:
  • An all-in-one event management solution
  • Event hubs for organizing and showcasing your events and hosts
  • Customizable registration and ticketing options
  • Attendee networking through a chat-enabled event lobby
  • Variety of event options, including private or public, free or paid
  • Event reporting, including registration, attendance, and ticket sales
  • Option to set up your event as a fundraiser
For Hosts, Zoom Events supports payment through Stripe and PayPal. Hosts must sign up for a business account with one of these payment processors in order to have paid events. For PayPal, you can link your existing business account to get paid.
Attendees can purchase tickets using their credit or debit card or a PayPal wallet.
Yes, attendees will need a Zoom account in order to register and attend events. All that is needed is a free Basic Meetings account.
Please see the pricing page for details.
Zoom's language interpretation allows the host to designate panelists as interpreters during a Zoom session.
The host can start the interpretation feature when the event session starts, giving the interpreters access to their own audio channels. Attendees can select an audio channel to hear their language of choice, and can choose to hear the original or translated audio at their preferred volume.
Cloud recordings of interpretation sessions only record the original audio of the meeting or webinar, not the translations. Local recordings of interpretation sessions will record any audio that the person recording can hear, but not multiple audio channels.
Yes, Zoom provides subsidized educational institution pricing to empower educators around the world to connect with students. Please contact sales for pricing.
In most cases, Zoom allows for additional billing cadences such as quarterly. Zoom offers custom pre-paid packages. Please contact sales for more information.
Certain U.S. states and international countries are subject to a required sales or consumption tax. If your online order includes sales tax, VAT, GST, or comparable consumption taxes, you will see the tax amount applied in your shopping cart after the billing step and before checkout is complete.
Zoom is a subscription-based service, which means that your plan is active for the term you choose, either monthly or annually. Zoom services will auto-renew upon the end of a current subscription term. You can cancel the auto-renewal of your subscription.
Zoom Events leverages the security foundation of the Zoom Platform. Some security features unique to Zoom Events include:
  • Zoom Events generates a ticket that is unique to a user. In order to join an event, the user must match who is registered to the ticket
  • Guest join is not supported. Every attendee has to sign up for Zoom, but does not need a paid account in order to attend an event.
  • The user has to be authenticated by the Zoom website and the Zoom client
If your business requires service providers to have a W-9 form on file for tax records, you can find a copy of Zoom's W-9 here.
The latest client version is required in order to use Zoom Events. Here is a help article on how to make sure you are using the latest version of the Zoom client.

Zoom Events

An all-in-one event management solution with the power to create virtual experiences that attendees will love.
  • Built on Zoom’s Trusted Video Platform

    Host multi-session, multi-track and multi-day events where you can use either a Zoom Webinar or Meeting (or both!)

  • Simplified Experience

    Hosting a virtual event doesn’t have to be complicated. Zoom Event’s simple event creation flow is intuitive and allows you to collaborate with colleagues along the way.

  • Engaging Solution

    Live stream sessions to the lobby where attendees can network and connect with one another or easily join a session for a more immersive experience.

Zoom Webinar

Allows you to connect with large audiences and share video, audio and content from any location and device for better engagement.
  • Seamlessly broadcast to large audiences

    Reliably and securely scale to 50,000 people in your live video webinar without lag.

  • Present with confidence

    Leverage appearance filters and studio effects, HD video, immersive virtual backgrounds, noise suppression controls and other innovative features to present your best self no matter where you are located.

  • Connect in a more personal way

    Use tools like Q&A and polling to connect with your audience.

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