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*In order to complete the purchase in INR, billing and sold to contacts must be in India. Zoom Phone cannot be purchased in INR.

Zoom Rooms (all plans)

  • One tap to join meeting rooms
  • One click wireless proximity share
    Zoom Rooms include many different sharing options in addition to wireless proximity share such as via HDMI or a browser.
  • Wireless multishare
    Multiple participants can share at the same time and you can show different shared desktops on the room displays
  • 720p HD video & audio
    1080p HD requires Business plan or higher
  • Supports up to 1,000 video participants, or 10,000 webinar viewers
    Requires additional licenses
  • Unlimited Digital Signage in and out of rooms
    Share content playlists across all your displays. To learn more, click here.
  • Unlimited Scheduling Displays
    Deploy scheduling displays across any space (even non-Zoom Rooms). To learn more, click here.
  • Room management

    Minimize setup costs and IT support with enterprise-grade room management.

    • Remote management and software provisioning
    • Set and manage rooms by location hierarchies
    • Role-based administration and alerts for room issues
  • Touch interactive whiteboarding and co-annotation

    Requires a touch display device

    • Co-annotate across desktop, mobile, and Zoom Rooms
    • Save whiteboarding sessions
    • Open up to 12 whiteboards at a time
  • Lighting and environmental room controls

    Zoom Rooms native room control integration allows you to control third party IP-capable equipment, so that the equipment can be controlled from the Zoom Room controller. Admins can create a configuration profile to add outgoing IP control messages from Zoom Room.

  • Supports up to 10 room controllers
  • Supports up to 3 displays
  • Supports unlimited cameras in the room

    Great for large spaces or sharing two camera streams at the same time from a single room.

  • One-click to join third party meetings

    Zoom Rooms can be invited to meetings with Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, WebEx, GoToMeeting, Google Hangouts or BlueJeans and join the meeting with one click. This may be useful for companies migrating to Zoom from other video conferencing solutions or who work with vendors and customers who use 3rd party meeting services.

    The host of the third-party meeting will need one of the following interop services enabled:

    • Polycom RealConnect
    • Pexip
    • Webex CMR
    • GTM InRoomLink
    • BlueJeans interop (already included with BlueJeans Meetings)
  • Works with Appliance hardware and an open hardware ecosystem
    For recommended hardware, visit here.
  • Calendar integrations with Office 365, Google, and Exchange
  • User-friendly control interface
  • Cloud meeting recording and transcription
    Transcription is dependent on host's license
*Does not include hardware

Free 30-Day Trial

  • Start a free 30-day Zoom Rooms trial today

Zoom Rooms Licenses

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  • Purchase up to 49 Zoom Rooms licenses online
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Zoom Rooms Enterprise

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  • Do you need help with a large-scale deployment or more than 49 rooms licenses?

Optional Add-on Plans

*You must have at least one Licensed user to purchase these Add-on plans.

Conference Room Connector

  • Connect your H.323/SIP systems with desktop, tablet, mobile devices, Zoom Rooms and other H.323/SIP endpoints
  • Works with many legacy endpoints including Polycom, Cisco, Lifesize and others
  • Cloud-based or on-premise (VM) room connector
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Professional Services

  • Professional Services will assess your needs and design the optimal configuration for your meeting spaces
  • A project manager will be your single point of contact to remotely manage the implementation
  • Zoom certified experts can complete the installation either on-site or remote
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Hardware as a Service

Starting as low as $25/month/device (Available in USD only)
  • Lease hardware monthly for low upfront costs and predictable budgets
  • Easy upgrades to ensure your hardware is current
  • Easily scale up (or down) your hardware as your organization grows
  • Add Managed Services to install and monitor your hardware
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Premier Developer Support

Tiered support packages to help minimize risk and reduce downtime
  • Prioritized technical resources & committed developer work hours available through tiered plans
  • Quickly troubleshoot and resolve development issues within guaranteed target response times
  • Directly communicate and easily manage open support cases via Zoom’s secure Developer Support Portal
  • Get expert assistance with your developer administration needs including support for App Marketplace submissions, releases, and maintenance
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Frequently Asked Questions

Zoom Meetings (mobile and desktop client): This is what users use day to day to join meetings from their personal or work computer or mobile device. Zoom Meeting is a desktop application and smartphone app designed for a user account on user-assigned devices (such as your mobile device, tablet, or desktop). The device that the Zoom Meeting app lives on is not designed to be a shared resource, it's tied to an individual. Zoom Meetings resides along with a user’s other applications (e.g. email, calendar, photos, etc on their device). So with Zoom Meetings, it's really the user's Zoom environment and profile. For example, Zoom Meeting will include the user's chat groups, 1:1 chat messages, starred contacts list, Zoom Phone number, call history, and other user-level settings and information.
A part of Zoom Meetings is Zoom for Home. Zoom for Home allows any Zoom user to deploy a personal collaboration device for video meetings, phone calls, interactive whiteboarding, and annotation. Unlike a mobile device, tablet, or laptop which runs the Zoom application (one of many applications), Zoom for Home works on a dedicated personal device that only runs the Zoom software.
Zoom Rooms: Zoom Rooms is designed to run on hardware and appliances as a dedicated meeting environment for shared spaces (such as conference rooms), and ideal for group collaboration. Zoom Rooms is a dedicated, shared environment for communications and collaboration with a single consistent interface. This means that users know it will always work the same way regardless of which room they walk into, minimizing user error (very important when you think about meeting rooms that are shared among many different employees and their varying technical levels). Users can schedule the room using room booking tools and join their meetings with one tap. Taking Zoom Rooms outside the traditional conference room, Zoom Rooms can be deployed into open spaces as video-enabled interactive whiteboards, and even provide value add services such as digital signage, for corporate communications and branding, and room schedulers, for room booking management.
Zoom Rooms are IT-managed resources that are designed to be the only application up and running on a system. It’s also tied to a calendar resource that’s bookable by others. Zoom Rooms can leverage a variety of display, compute, audio, camera, capture, room control and touch display controller devices to join and manage meetings with integrated HD audio and video. This means that Zoom Rooms audio and video experiences can be easily deployed for phone booths, focus rooms, and huddle rooms, and customized for large boardrooms, broadcast studios, and custom training rooms.
All in all, Zoom Meetings (mobile and desktop client) and Zoom Rooms work together to greater emphasize that they are both a part of one interconnected platform, Zoom.
Yes, you can connect into select third-party meetings, but you must have an interop bridge.
iPad, Android, or native integration device.
Zoom Rooms software can be supported on Windows OS, Mac OS, or a Zoom Rooms Appliance; Zoom Rooms Controller software supported for iOS and Android.
See Zoom Rooms Demo to learn more Watch Video
Yes, we offer DIY and turnkey purpose-built hardware options based on your needs.
Zoom Rooms software supports up to three displays and an unlimited number of room cameras.
Zoom's Terms of Service can be found here
Zoom accepts credit card and Paypal payments online. To pay by check, wire transfer or ACH, please call 1.888.799.9666.
In most cases, Zoom allows for additional billing cadences such as quarterly. Zoom offers pre-paid packages in 1, 2, and 3-year increments. Please Contact Sales for pricing.
Certain US states and international countries may impose sales or consumption tax. If your online order is subject to sales tax, communication tax, VAT, GST, or comparable consumption taxes or fees, you will see the tax and/or fee amount applied in your shopping cart after the billing step and before checkout is complete.
Zoom is a subscription-based service, which means that your plan renews every month or year (depending on the term you choose). You can cancel your subscription at any time during your plan term to cancel the auto-renewal of your subscription.
If your business requires service providers to have a W-9 form on file for tax records, you can find a copy of Zoom's W-9 here.
Securing your Zoom Meetings can start before your event even begins, with a robust set of pre-meeting features, including Waiting Rooms, Join by Domain, and Passcodes. Zoom also has controls at your fingertips to ensure your meetings are secure and disruption-free. Zoom takes care to ensure your data is secure at all times using learn more about our privacy and security features here.
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