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TBEC webinar on UN HLM - Shared screen with speaker view
Tamar Gabelnick
Is the draft declaration for Moscow publicly available?
Mona Drage
Its very useful to get a break down of the process and what we should do. It does not sound to promising that we are competing for the dates with a HLM on migration. Do you hvae any more ideas about how to approach the missions about this?
Mona Drage
sounds like a good idea. we will be doing this kind of advocacy work for the first time and any guidance or learning or joint initiatives would be useful
dr Ivana balter haluskova mba
sorry , I need to leave earlier but will try to see to support you as slovak /french physician specialised in infectious diseases. please can you share slides I can go through later
Tamar Gabelnick
Whatever you could share of the draft declaration would be great too
Mona Drage
I would also like to get input on how a country brief from o low incidence country could look like to still get the interest of our politicians
Laila Lochting
Are you satisfied with the GMC declaratatino, and can we expect a similar declaration for HLM. If you are not satsified, what needs to be strenghtened?