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CivilPolitics.org Peer Learning Session - Shared screen with speaker view
Jeremy Garson
For newcomers….if you want to ask a question, please speak up. Matt wants to encourage questions.
Jessica Weaver
But I thought that in online communities (Reddit, etc.), when you have to read and review the community norms, civility improves. How is that distinct from a pledge? Or like, how would you compare those as interventions?
Jeremy Garson
Thank you Jessica
Debilyn Molineaux
Pearce and I were talking about this earlier today…
Debilyn Molineaux
Pearce referenced the work of Liz and also Haidt’s work, upon which Matt started CivilPolitics!
Debilyn Molineaux
I’d love to hear more about how to attract or signal that our work is for conservatives!
Liz Joyner
Some brainstorming on the topic - but would love to hear others’ experiences. work in progress: https://tlh.villagesquare.us/blog/welcoming-conservatives/
Debilyn Molineaux
Thank you, Liz!!!
Liz Joyner
also before i leave, Matt and his colleagues have been our sherpas for 6 or 7 years now. Our experience has proven their thinking correct over and over and over again. Thanks Matt!
Jeremy Garson
If anybody needs to leave but wants to ask a question, leave it here or email me afterwards (jeremy@bridgealliance.us) and we’ll make sure to get you an answer from Matt.