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EMRA Hangout with Dr Hillman 9PM Eastern 9/1/16 - Shared screen with speaker view
Ross (Moderator)
How would you change any of your advice for IMGs and osteopaths?
Ross (Moderator)
What to look for when interviewing programs? How to qualify best fit?
Ross (Moderator)
What is considered Work vs Volunteer experience/ where should certain experiences be placed in ERAS such as non-paid TA, non-paid tutoring?
Ross (Moderator)
Hobbies: Lists or paragraph-form?
Ross (Moderator)
For those of without affiliated hospitals and rotations preset by school tailored to primary care fields. How should we approach getting the EM LORs before sending in apps 4th year.
Ross (Moderator)
Other than SLOE's, what other letters do you like to see (for example do you prefer a medicine letter over a letter from family med or ob/gyn)?
Ross (Moderator)
1-day volunteer experiences: Include them or leave off off the application?
Ross (Moderator)
List EMRA and ACEP membership under professional organizations?
Ross (Moderator)
Should students that dont have a home academic center approach PD's via email etc to get help finding a mentor at an academic center
Can you explain the difference between community and academic programs within emergency medicine programs?
Ross (Moderator)
Is there a time limit for applying for more interviews? When is too late?
Ross (Moderator)
At the ACEP conferences, would you advise bringing CV and personal statement to hand out to PDs?
Ross (Moderator)
Should we type out Emergency Medicine Residents' Association, etc. or would EMRA, ACEP (just abbreviations) be appropriate?
Ross (Moderator)
If a student has a family or things that require time is that something is taken into consideration when viewing an applicant who may not have time for lots of volunteer activities etc
Ross (Moderator)
Does it matter when we interview? Meaning, if we are offered an interview Oct 15 but choose a date in November, does it look like we are not interested?
Ross (Moderator)
Can you describe what goes on in the ranking meetings? When does that meeting occur?
Ross (Moderator)
How do you feel about people being very up-front about interest in a program? For example if they have strong ties to the area (family, spouse work etc.) is it a good idea to bring these things up and when?
Ross (Moderator)
On ERAS it doesn't look like it automatically organizes what we input by date, but only lists it one by one as we type it in. Do you prefer any particular order/organization or should we just make sure we list all of our experiences? Also, if we have certifications other than BLS or ACLS is there any place those should be listed?
Ross (Moderator)
How do you feel about experiences before medical school being included?
Ross (Moderator)
What value do you place in a letter of recommendation from someone we have worked with on a research (in the EM field) but not a clinical rotation?
Ross (Moderator)
Should we wait until our application is whole before applying to particular programs with regards to LORs? If we are still waiting on LORs should we wait until they get completely uploaded before applying to a particular program? Basically is it better to get application in and then update or wait till its complete
David Carle
Great session thank you Dr. Hillman!