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PrEP Learning Network: Setting Targets for PrEP - Shared screen with speaker view
Kristine Torjesen
Good morning all!
Kristine Torjesen
Or good afternoon! :-)
Giuliana Morales
Please feel free to use this chat box to ask questions. Make sure to change the "to" line to "All panelists and attendees."
Ly Nguyen
How to calculate % indicated for Prep?
Nuno Gaspar
Where do we find this version of the tool again?
Giuliana Morales
A participant asks, "What is SDCs in full?"
Rick Homan
Sero discordant couples = SDC
Katherine Kripke
PrEP-it and the user guide and instructional videos can be accessed at https://www.prepwatch.org/resource/prep-it/
Giuliana Morales
PrEP it can be found at https://www.prepwatch.org/resource/prep-it/
Katherine Kripke
@Gemechu Ashmo Wayiso: there is a populated Excel sheet available on the PrEPWatch website; the URL is above in the chat
Katherine Kripke
@Nuno, if you enter your prior achievements into the initiation tab (only initiations are necessary to enter), the tool automatically takes them into account.
Wai Yan Lin
If PrEP program is first time ever, can we practice this PrEP-IT tool? because we have so limited data
Katherine Kripke
@Wai Yan Lin you can use it for target-setting and some other functions without program data
Debra Pinkney
How long has this tool been in use? What have we learned about how it is helping teams with setting targets? Is there any feedback or is it too soon?
Giuliana Morales
Please continue using this chat box to ask questions throughout the webinar. Make sure to change the “to” line to “All panelists and attendees.”
Tamirirashe Mahwire
In countries with a generalised epidemic. We have another group o f at risk population. These are not considered as Key populations but are important. 1. These are heterosexual men who have sex with Commercial sex workers. 2. heterosexual males and females who have multiple sexual partners including with partners who they do not know their HIV status. How do we calculate these figures?.
Giuliana Morales
@Gemechu, the slides and a resource sheet with top questions will be shared via e-mail! You can also view materials from past webinars at https://www.prepwatch.org/virtual-learning-network/
Katherine Kripke
@Tamirirashe Mahwire, in PrEP-it you can add custom populations, but we can't tell you how to estimate the size of those populations or the % at risk; you would need other research to determine that
Giuliana Morales
@Nicole Flowers asks, “Based on recent findings from Thomas et. al, we now know that pregnant and breastfeeding women may be at higher risk of acquiring HIV. It was nice to see them addressed in the PrEP-it tool. Are you considering incorporating this population into the UNAIDS tool?
Kristine Torjesen
We had a brief session on PBFW (pregnant and breastfeeding women) at the recent PrEP Learning Network Regional workshop in Malawi, slides are available here: https://www.prepwatch.org/scaling-prep-2019-malawi/
Kristine Torjesen
We also plan a PrEP Learning Network webinar focused on PrEP for PBFW in Q1 2020
Ly Nguyen
Where we can get UNAIDS PreP target tool?
Keith Sabin
In response to Tamirirashe's question: The same principles and processes used in the target setting tool could be applied to sex work clients or multiple partners heterosexuals. However, data are often more sparse than for some of the other key populations. Also, the background risk comes into play so the country context may play more of a role.
Katherine Kripke
John, how is condom use taken into account in the PrEP targets?
Keith Sabin
To Nicole Flowers, we do not intend to create a module for pregnant and breastfeeding women in the UNAIDS tool. The approach we use would require data that are not readily available. And often their risk is from their spouse, which puts them in the SDC category. PrEP-IT might be the better tool.
Keith Sabin
Ly Nguyen, we can make the tool and guidelines, even in draft, available somehow. I'll discuss with the hosts.
Giuliana Morales
Joseph asks, "Is it assumed that condom coverage implies condom utilization?"
Katherine Kripke
@Joseph I would say yes - I'm not sure who your question is directed to
John Stover
The UNAIDS target is for condom utilization not coverage. We will cost programs that provide adequate coverage to raise utilization to the target level.
Nina Harstad
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Joe Umana
Thank you all
Debra Pinkney
Ly Nguyen
Thank you