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DBHIDS Quarterly CPS Supervisor Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Sean Brinda
I don't think you can here me. My name is Sean Brinda, He Him, feeling groggy this morning, Goal is to learn more about Grandfathering process, Will ask all for support.
Christine Gibson
I have a question.
Christine Gibson
I am going to type it in because I cant use the mic.
Christine Gibson
Our program employee's CPS and we are grandfather them in. Our question is can we wait close to the deadline to grandfather.
Christine Gibson
Is there a way I can get a copy of the Power Point?
Christine Gibson
Very beautiful powerpoint and thank you....
Christine Gibson
Yes Im typing
Christine Gibson
I am the AUD at Team ARRIVE RHD and one of the ways is to take part in this Web to become more informed.
Christine Gibson
I am assisting my UD and we are going to begin our process in about 12 month. Have a discussion about the Ethics with has been an ongoing issue within our program and we will begin to develop a list of things that are needed so our application process will be as smooth as possible...
Christine Gibson
One thing we discussed is begining the process more towards the deadline because our program may not have the same CPS workers now and in a year because of turnover. We don't mind paying but we want to avoid paying for employee's that may not be here in a year or 18months.
Christine Gibson
Thank you