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EdgeX: Weekly TSC Call - Shared screen with speaker view
Brett - LF
if anyone would like to be added directly to the Systems Management bi-weekly call, please email info@edgexfoundry.org OR send a direct message to me here - Thanks!
Jason Shepherd
Hi everyone, on a plane so can only IM but I think a good next step is to have us do a similar intro on a Proect Haystack call and look to get someone in the community to do a PoC with Haystack on north side.
Jason Shepherd
Not sure if my other IM went through, bad collection on plane but I think good next step is to do a similar intor on a Haystack call.
Drasko - Mainflux
Agreed with Jason, maybe someone from Haystack devs can help us here
Jason Shepherd
Then look to do a PoC as suggested, potentially incorporating into a buildings-focused project in the Vertical Solutions Working Group.
Jason Shepherd
Absolutely @Drasko. Ideally someone in teh Haystack community jumps in to build a PoC northbound service so EdgeX can output Haystacks tags.
Jason Shepherd
They have great adoption in buildings.
Jason Shepherd
and are moving into some other domains like manf
Jason Shepherd
Question for Alberto at end of this slide: have you talked with OSIsoft specficially yet? I've been in contact with their CTO and he's interested in a PoC to connect to Pi. Perhaps he's already reached out to you as I sent him your overview deck.
Jason Shepherd
(still can't talk due to being on plane, can someone bring up on teh phone?)
Philip D - LF
yes - philip
Jason Shepherd
bridging to Pi would be fantastic
Drasko - Mainflux
+1 for Influx DB, but single-instance only. Clustering is proprietary.
Drasko - Mainflux
Backend Influx will lead us to clustering problem with licenses
Drasko - Mainflux
This is why we switched to Cassandra from INflux with Mainflux
Jason Shepherd
ok great. thanks for asking brett (from 30k feet...)