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Employment 101: Part II Supporting Individuals with Disabilities- Post-Training Follow-Up - Shared screen with speaker view
Mike Stutts- TASC
Please enter your name and what parts of this process did you engage in/mentor someone through?
Laura Elder
This is Laura Elder, I participated as part of the TASC planning team
As a job coach I initiated an informational interview with a supervisor, gained a second meeting with the same supervisor and the director, gave a mini presentation of what our agency does, presented one candidate along with his resume and spent about a month following up to implement placemnet. My cllient is auatistic and now has a permanent job at the YMCA.
I spoke with a manager of a new store opening, that I met at a local job fair. I gained information from him about what jobs are available (stocker, store associate, tagger/hanger organizer). He recommended my consumer fillout online application and attend another job fair. We both attended the job fair, but due to a vacation planned while the store is planning to open my consumer did not get the job. The manager was very nice and suggested he re-apply after his vacation, where they might have more part-time jobs and flexabilty in postions and schedules.
The VR work cneter is right outside my office so I will mute my end. :)