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EMRA Military Hangout - Navy - Shared screen with speaker view
Dennis Datuin
Can you talk a little bit how you all place students in civilian deferment versus a transition year in the military? For instance, do they need to have shared with you all their interest in not doing a civilian deferment?
hayley musial
What is the likelihood that someone on the West coast gets matched in to Portsmouth or vice versa East Coast and San Diego?
hayley musial
Are you able to say the average board score (COMLEX and USMLE) and GPA of the most recent match?
hayley musial
Can you talk a little bit of the chances of being matched as a PGY-2 if you did a TY and then became a GMO?
hayley musial
Is research important to have in order to match?
hayley musial
In regards to a SLOE, will SD and Portsmouth accept civilian SLOE’s if we want to do military match? And also, when we do a rotation with SD and Portsmouth, if we do well, can we get a SLOE and potentially use it to apply to civilian programs for civilian deferment?
hayley musial
What happens if you get civilian deferment and you don't match?
hayley musial
to follow up on the research: Does the research need to be done during medical school? For instance, I did research for my master's before medical school. will that count?
hayley musial
If you're an M1 or M2, what are some good extracirriculars to get involved with?
hayley musial
With audition season coming up, are there any big Do's and Don'ts that you could go over?
hayley musial
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