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EMRA Hangouts "Creating Your Rank List" 1/5/17 8PM Eastern
Ross (Moderator)
how do you marry someone after one date? i.e. how do you know your fit if you can't go back for a second look and you just have a few hours experience with residents.
Ross (Moderator)
How do you convey interest to a program that is your #1? What are some do’s and don’ts for letters of intent?
Ross (Moderator)
Conversely, what do you do if a program contacts you, and says something a long the lines of “we will rank you highly?”
Ross (Moderator)
Which elective rotations fourth year are best to take?
Ross (Moderator)
As a MS1 or MS2, what sorts of things should I do or get involved with in order to best prepare myself for EM and the match?
Ross (Moderator)
What do you wish you knew now back when you were making your list 4th year?
Ross (Moderator)
An EM program that I was going to rank highly (Akron Summa Health) has just gone through a political shake-up, resulting in this being an entirely different program than the one that I interviewed at, with a lot of uncertainty remaining about its future. Do you have any advice for how to incorporate this when generating my list?