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PrEP Learning Network: From IPC to Mass Media: Developing a Media Mix for Your PrEP Communications - Shared screen
Sarim Chel
Hi, this Chel Sarim from LINKAGES Cambodia.
Kristine Torjesen
please feel free to enter questions or comments in the chat during the presentations and then we will come back to them during the discussion
Martha Larson
From @Menghak Ngo:kimhai so 09:32 AMHow to prevent the block mesages or our chart from target audients for example Facebook.
Giuliana Morales
Please feel free to add your questions to this chat box! When sending questions, please change the "to" line to all panelists and attendees.
ricky lu
For Mercy-can you elaborate further on the social network testing and microinfluencers?
are there specific media campaigns that have improved continuation rates among PrEP users?
Oro-ghene Adia
How do you handle a backlash to your media campaign? An example anti vaxxer towards Polio immunization.
Edeje Michael-Ekam
How do these media pages cater for confidentiality around HIV status
Edeje Michael-Ekam
Yes Community Mobilization is key not only to HIV prevention but to all public health interventions and social development initiatives. Thank you
Manya Dotson
@Oro-ghene Adia: You have some options: 1. bump up the frequency of your positive messages, 2. Get a respected messenger to address the issue 3. Engage the media to make sure they know the facts
Vannak Keo
What is the role of community in promoting PrEP through media?
Briana Ferrigno
Question about which social media platform is most effective to promote PrEP — recommend that you start with defining who you want to reach and what do you want your audience to do. For example, reaching AGYW about PrEP education will be different than gaining support among HCPs to provide PrEP. For the former, consider the target audience segments, and conduct research on how they are use social media. That should guide your selection of which platform is most effective.
Martha Larson
From Vannak Keo: Based on your experience which service should be PrEP implementation place
Njambi Njuguna
can you elaborate further on the social network testing and microinfluencers?Social network outreach is when outreach workers who are KP members linked to organizations that we work with reach out to their networks online (facebook, grindr, whatsapp) to interest them in doing a risk assessment, and booking an appointment for services either at the DIC or other private facilities that we partnered with. Looking at our data, this approach was most successful in converting people from risk assessment online to booking and arriving for appointments. The influencer approach was very successful in directing traffic to the risk assessment website but not as successful in converting these to offline appointments. We plan to slightly modify this approach by having microinfluencers (less expensive, still have relatively large networks) instead of influencers doing online outreach. In addition, we propose on hiring full-time online outreach workers as previously the ones engaged were only committing 1 or 2 hours daily
Manya Dotson
But sometimes backlash can be really bad--at the local level it's important to engage people who could be against it.
Martha Larson
From Maria Sanena: Is there any data on how the retention was like after people accessed services at the clinic
Giuliana Morales
Question from @Menghak Ngo: Which social media platforms is the most effective to promote PrEP? (YouTube? Facebook? Instagram? Etc.). Among texts, image, voice and video, which one is the most effective to promote PrEP?
Giuliana Morales
Question from @Neetha Morar: How does one assess if the website and information is fake vs authentic – for WRHI and any member?
ricky lu
thanks - helpful and insightful
Martha Larson
From Jane Otai: I have used Facebook before but realized that some people just got in to share very destructive messages and sometimes porn. How do you block this kind of messages going out to your audience
Giuliana Morales
Question from @Hiyana Nassoro: Hi am Nassoro Ally from ACDI/VOCA NAFAKA project Tanzania. My qn is on media mix M&E impact assessment…is there a standard formula to calculate radio campaign coverage in a regional based campaign?
Oro-ghene Adia
Thanks for your response on backlash
Briana Ferrigno
Response to Subash Ghosh/question on communications planning for HCPs and policymakers. Best to create a comms plan specific to HCPs and specific to policymakers. Outlining your objectives, audience profile, key messages, and channels. Having HCPs and policymakers on board at the start is critical to developing an enabling environment for PrEP. In pharmaceutical sector, often campaigns begin with HCP communications before developing public-facing/consumer communications. Comms channels might include training activities, journal articles, advisory boards, etc.
Martha Larson
From @Chris Obermeyer: Many of these projects have large budgets and aren’t possible for smaller organizations. What about organizations who don’t have tens of thousands of dollars to develop websites and hire graphic designers or commission videos?
Giuliana Morales
Question from Tich Mangono: Thanks, have you also thought about two-way platforms that are also direct-to-client such as WhatsApp/mobile but with an interactive chatbox or human that answers questions and motivates care seeking behavior? Any examples of this?
Briana Ferrigno
Re: Ricky Lu/information about audience profiles: The PrEP Communications Accelerator includes sample audience profiles, but it’s best to conduct market research (qual/quant) to either adapt or validate your audience profiles.
did the project observe a change in PrEP uptake and continuation rates following the Ambassador program?
Martha Larson
From @Subash Ghosh: What is the appropriate communication plan for policy makers and health care providers to engage meaningfully in PrEP programs?
Martha Larson
From @ChantryIm: What about the M&E
Kristine Torjesen
@cat: the ambassador training program is being field tested now and we should have some program data to share soon on its application in Zimbabwe
Giuliana Morales
Question from @ricky lu: For all panelists, are there examples of media campaigns targeting both HIV prevention and contraception specifically for young people? And, what are some of learnings/successes?
Manya Dotson
RE: the best choice of media channel: There isn't a "rule" about which platform is best. We have to start with the people we are trying to reach: What channels do THEY use? What time of day do they use it? What content appeals to them? What will be relevant, memorable and motivating?
Katie Schwartz
@cat - OPTIONS is currently piloting the Ambassador training package in Zimbabwe and compiling a final report on this that will look specifically at impact on reach. We have only recently carried out training in South Africa, and soon in Kenya.
Briana Ferrigno
Re: Oro-ghene Adia re/ backlash. Unfortunately, backlashes and spread of misinformation are prevalent across health areas, but especially hard-to-understand or new health products/services. In these cases, it is best to utilize authentic, trustworthy messages and messengers. With polio, we developed a campaign that focused on positioning health workers as trusted, caring members of the community. We also had the government endorse the campaigns, to ensure that the information was supported by local champions. And we targeted key community leaders who could stand behind the health messages. The use of advocacy strategies and PR tools is also helpful to counter misinformation.
Sindy Matse
How are the implementers dealing with the high mobility of this group - AGYW as ambassodors
Mercy Mutonyi
Are there any plans to engage FSWs and especially young sex workers in Ambassadors training in Kenya....
Martha Larson
From @Edeje Michael-Ekam: It will be great to have Ambassador training in Nigeria as well. It sounds great.
Kristine Torjesen
@Edeje - happy to share all the materials with you and provide some virtual support for you to implement, let's follow up offline!
Manya Dotson
It's glow-in-the-dark
Edeje Michael-Ekam
Okay @ Kristine. Glad to do so.
Briana Ferrigno
Re Nassoro question about formula — I’d suggest contacting a media planning agency who can give you a proposal on the media mix for a regional campaign. If you need recommendations for Tanzania, please send email.
Kristine Torjesen
@Jilinde: I really like engaging both HIV positive and negative peer educators, and agree that PLWHA can be great promoters and motivators for PrEP! Great work.
Martha Larson
From @Nkumda Vundamina: Question on identifying authentic vs fake website--it's not clear who's perspective is being referred: As developers we need to ensure that all content has gone through a rigorous vetting process by all stakeholders, including the Department of Health
Jane Otai
Peer educators seem to work well with PrEP although some literature mentions that peer educators do not influence change. I think this literature needs to be revisited with this findings
Martha Larson
From @Nkunda Vundamina continued: As a website user, look for the logos displayed and text that acknowledges stakeholders. E.g. AGYW in South Africa mentioned that they do not trust websites that do not have the DoH logo
Martha Larson
From @ChantryIm: Any social media support?
Briana Ferrigno
Re Menghak’s question on type of content — start with your audience. Young ppl will likely prefer video and graphics that are relevant and compelling to them. HCPs or policymakers will likely prefer deeper dives into the facts via text, though they’ll appreciate information that is quick to digest.
Manya Dotson
Jilinde's CBO partners have found ways to recognize great Peer Educators, AND ways to recognize people who are long-term PrEP and ART-Continuers
Sindy Matse
Does the use of the peer educators helps in also improving the contination rates among PrEP users within the target groups
Manya Dotson
In Jilinde we have found that Peer educators are effective at influencing PrEP reach, uptake and continuation
Nina Harstad
From Chanry Im: How about the system of report tracking?
Nina Harstad
From Usman Alrashid: Do the PE provide HTS as a prelude to PrEP?
Martha Larson
From @morongoe masila: How was effectiveness of campaign in helping retention? And did you see any clients converting from PrEP to ART? Question from Lesotho
Oro-ghene Adia
Thank you