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The Giving Options Your Members Want - Shared screen with speaker view
Nell Matthews
Nell Matthews, treasurer, UU Church Little Rock
Melissa Berg
Yes, you can opt for donors to get receipts from the mobile app, no additional charge. They can also show their phone with the payment listed.
Melissa Berg
the chruch will also have access to all receipts in case a donor needs a copy of them at a later date
Melissa Berg
Tom- When the church sets up with their Vanco account, they will choose the giving categories for donors. Those categories can include donations for alter flowers or other items
Melissa Berg
Neil- donor will get a receipt and you'll have access to an archived copy as well
Melissa Berg
You do not need to use the hashtag but if it's used, it will work
Melissa Berg
We provide the phone service for give by Text
Melissa Berg
You do not need additional phone services to receive text donations.