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Earth Rights Conversation with Michelle Bender: Advancing ocean rights - Shared screen with speaker view
Henrik Hallgren
The distinctions between legal personhood and The rights for Nature. How are they connected in your perspective? Is legal personhood more "local" and Rights for nature more general in its approach?
Comment on the IUCN incorporation of rights of nature - interest and commitment?
Thank you for your extensive sharing Michelle. My question is how would you convince a poor fisher 100% dependent on the seas for livelihood to comply with Rights of Nature in an MPA?
More IUCN, IUCN and the conservation requirement that you had in your slide. What discussion is that, conservation opposed to what approach?
Poor enforcement even without Rights of Nature has been one of the greatest problem in implementing MPAs, how would Rights of Nature fill the gap in this problem?
Climate change will certainly be the biggest threat in the near future especially for oceans (it is now), where does Rights of Nature come in for oceans and climate change i.e. acidification, sea level rise, coral bleaching etc.