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Introduction to Productive Talk - Shared screen with speaker view
Mike Fumagalli
Thank you! Just getting all set up. We are just about ready to roll
Mike Fumagalli
For those of you that joined last night, we will be using a similar format of responding to questions through the chat box where questions are relevant but also during the Q & A session at the end.
Brian Aycock
Hi Everyone! Welcome back to familiar faces, and welcome to new faces!
Mike Fumagalli
Hey Sean. Great to see you are able to join us again. Thank you again for the great feedback.
Brian Aycock
Hi Everyone! Welcome back to familiar faces, and welcome to new faces!
Brian Aycock
Great question Kim-we are working on getting the recording cleaned up so we can post on our site ilscience.org and we will also be sending the follow up tonight from yesterday's webinar
Mike Fumagalli
Yes, those will be sent out later. We want those recordings to accompany an FAQ document that addresses any questions we didn’t get to during the 1 hour webinar. It will take us going back through the chats and making sure we answer all the questions to compile those documents for dissemination
Mike Fumagalli
You are all in for a real treat tonight. Kristin Rademaker is a high school Special Education teacher by origin turned NGSS and Science Teacher expert through her professional learning journey. She has powerful insight into what productive talk looks like in the NGSS classroom and the role it plays in critical instructional shifts.
Mike Fumagalli
Yes, Sean. All sound is muted for participants unless we manually un-mute you.
Brian Aycock
Agreed-additionally her work with K-12 teachers makes her someone very special as she supports folks in every level!
Mike Fumagalli
No, we have not begun yet. We will begin at 8pm promptly.
Brian Aycock
not yet!
Brian Aycock
you bet!
Nancy Gottung
Is there a way to shrink the chat box so that I can view the slides presented in their entirety?
Brian Aycock
I was able to drag the side of it over to shrink
Mike Fumagalli
Yes, you should be able to grab the corner of it and decrease it in size as well as move it around your screen to the spot that best fits you.
Brian Aycock
you can also click the arrow on the top left of the chat box to pop it out and move it around
Lauren Baldacci
My students will talk to me but I want them to talk to each other about science.
Mike Fumagalli
Emily, Kristin will share some of those examples this evening. More examples are on the way! :)
Terry Contant
This is a skill that many students haven't learned yet. Give them opportunities to practice these skills. Be patient, but don't give up.
Brian Aycock
Totally agree Sherry-the connection across content areas is extraordinarily useful
Mike Fumagalli
Sherry, that is a tremendous point. As we will explore more tomorrow night through Storylining, that is another example of an instructional approach that is not specific to science. We have seen Storylines take shape in powerful ways in other content areas - Math, Social Studies, etc.
Brian Aycock
Great question-you can follow ISTA on twitter @ISTA_IL you can also join the twitter chat twice a month by following #NGSSchat and @NGSSchat
Mike Fumagalli
Kim, I would also encourage you to like the NGSS Educators page on Facebook. People post on there often to share resources but also to look for resources and insights. Some of our greatest national experts in the NGSS help to facilitate that page.
Mike Fumagalli
Of course. We have a tremendous ability these days to build our PLC’s far beyond the walls of our schools.
Brian Aycock
You can start that Twitter journey with us this Thrusday at 8:00 central time by searching #NGSSchat ;D
Cindy Fuhrer
Where on the website will this recording and last night's recording be available?
Brian Aycock
I believe they will all be hosted on the resources page, but I have to run it by our site editor
Mike Fumagalli
Some of you are posting your comments and questions to ONLY panelists. Be sure you click the blue box in your chat window to select “All panelists and attendees” to be sure everyone can see your responses and comments.
Todd Katz
i thank you all for a great conversation!!!
Mike Fumagalli
Thank you all for joining this evening! Be sure to join us tomorrow night to talk about Storylines as well as #NGSSChat on Thursday evening at 8pm CT!
Brian Aycock
Yes, thank you everyone-we hope to see you tomorrow and Thursday!
Kim Gerard
Thank you for providing these sessions!
Rachel Brown
what’s a twitter chat?
Mike Fumagalli
We are happy to help! We all have many things going on but these are powerful opportunities to transform the science teaching and learning experience for our students. There is no greater opportunity to impact the world than through teaching kids science.
Mike Fumagalli
Thanks everyone!
Thank you!