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Tri-Weekly Early Childhood Check-In - Shared screen with speaker view
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No se Escucha en Español
Eva SEIU Childcare, TECH Support
If you are and English Speaker and are hearing both the Spanish and English Feed, please click “interpretation” then select “English.” Now go back and click the same item again (it said “Interpretation” but now says “English”) and select “Mute Original Audio.” This will turn off the Spanish channel for you.
Eva SEIU Childcare, TECH Support
Si estas eschando ambos idiomas tines que cambiar el audio a espanol y seleccionar mute original audio
Eva SEIU Childcare, TECH Support
We deactivated the chat box while the presenters are talking, to make it easier to direct questions here to the Q&A. We will re activate after main presentation is done.Sorry, Just to let you all know, we deactivated the chat box for the beginning of the meeting so ensure that all questions go to the Q & A section. This allows us to ensure that we don’t miss any questions. Thank you for understanding!
Eva SEIU Childcare, TECH Support
Cerramos a caja chat durante la presenatcion por favor usa el Q&A. Despues que los presentadores teminar vamos activarlas nuevamente
Eva SEIU Childcare, TECH Support
The Chat is open to comments but use the Q&A for questions+++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Este Chat esta abierto para comentarios pero usa el Q&A para preguntas
Merril Gay, Early Childhood Alliance
https://www.ctoec.org/COVId-19/3. Do child care providers and youth camp staff have to wear masks?According to the Governor's Executive Order 7BB<https://portal.ct.gov/-/media/Office-of-the-Governor/Executive-Orders/Lamont-Executive-Orders/Executive-Order-No-7BB.pdf?la=en>, essential employees must wear face coverings. All child care providers are considered essential employees, including youth camp staff and center and family child care providers. Coverings can include masks, cloth face coverings, or other fabric that creates a barrier over the wearer's mouth and nose. Any of these types of coverings are useful to preventing the spread of COVID-19 when used in conjunction with social distancing measures. The Department of Economic Development publishes guidance related to Executive Orders and Safe Workplace Rules for Essential Employees<https://portal.ct.gov/DECD/Content/Coronavirus-Business-Recovery/Safe-Workplace-Rules-for-Essential-Employers> is available on their website.It is important to handle th
Izzi Greenberg
All Memos from OEC: https://www.ctoec.org/covid-19/memos/
Merril Gay, Early Childhood Alliance
Link to a company selling gloves and other cleaning supplies https://catalog.ccsupplies.com/CatalogSearch.aspx?Value=gloves
Merril Gay, Early Childhood Alliance
link to masks https://www.ctcovidresponse.org/request-masks-for-ct-small-business
Liz Fraser CAHS
HelloHere is a link to a survey that providers can fill out to let 211CC know if there program is open or closed. Please update the survey when your status changes so we can code appropriately.Thank you.Sherrihttps://resources.211childcare.org/covid-alert/
Izzi Greenberg
Eva Bermúdez Zimmerman
La exención religiosa todavía existe. El único estudio que hizo una conexión entre el autismo y las vacunas ha sido desmentido. Las vacunas han eliminado toda una serie de enfermedades que solían llenar patios serios con niños pequeños.
Izzi Greenberg
State Immunization Laws: https://portal.ct.gov/-/media/SOTS/regulations/Title_10/204apdf.pdf?la=en
Izzi Greenberg
Memo 18 on Summer Camp: https://www.ctoec.org/forms-documents/covid-19-memo-18-youth-camp-guidance.pdf
Izzi Greenberg
All OEC memos: https://www.ctoec.org/covid-19/memos/
Izzi Greenberg
Eva Bermúdez Zimmerman
thank you all