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Tips to Deliver a Top Notch Sales Demo

Tips to Deliver a Top Notch Sales Demo

Have you ever seen a bad software demonstration? Unfortunately, almost everyone has. In every sales demo, the number one goal should be to move the sales process forward (not have it come to a grinding halt). Peter Cohan, author of Great Demo!, focuses on helping B2B software companies improve their sales and marketing demos and make them crisp, compelling, and effective.

In this webinar, Peter will introduce 3 key ideas:
1. How turning your demo “upside down” is a surprisingly successful strategy.
2. Change from a “firehose” delivery to a two-way, bidirectional conversation to
engage your audience.
3. Apply the “less is more” concept – counterintuitive, but remarkably effective.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn tips that will put the “Wow!” into your sales demos.

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