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How The World We Build Shapes Us
"We shape the buildings; thereafter, they shape us" - so said Winston Churchill in 1943, after the House of Commons chamber was bombed.

Research presented by our panellists shows us for the first time just how important your council's Design Code is for community building, mental health, physical health, levels of crime, our Net Zero targets and sense of identity.

Our panellists are:
- Nicholas Boys Smith, senior Government planning adviser and director at CreateStreets
- John Simpson, architect to the Royal Family and communities around the country
- Nikos Salingaros, voted 11th most important academic in urban design of all time
- Suzy Moat and Tobias Preis, professors of behavioural science at the University of Warwick

In this unique event, decision-makers (MPs, Lords and councillors), planning officers (promoted by the Planning Officer Society), urban design specialists (promoted by the Urban Design Group) and many more will come together to discuss how to build a healthy, happy and sustainable future we all want and deserve.

The Architectural Wellbeing Institute, affiliated with the United Nations' World Urban Forum, is pleased to invite you to this groundbreaking webinar, bridging the gap between architectural studies and political decision-makers.

Whatever your interest in architecture, urban design or community is, we welcome you to this fascinating webinar.

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Jun 6, 2022 05:30 PM in London

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