How digital will change the future of work in the post-pandemic reality?
As we’ve been slowly but steadily going toward post-pandemic reality, the question about the future of work and how digital transformation impacts this never has been of more importance. Discussions around the future of work cuts across all industries. Businesses, employees, governments and educational institutions need to work collaboratively to envision the future of work – according to a new Liberty Global and Deloitte report 'The future of work is here'. 61% of executives asked in a report survey indicated to focus on re-imagining work in the next three years. The response to the pandemic has also demonstrated that a distributed workforce can use digital tools and connectivity to function effectively. The coronavirus crisis has accelerated digitalisation beyond anything we could have imagined. The profound shifts we are seeing are proving to be productive for many and painful for others, potentially exacerbating existing inequalities. The question is how to use digital transformation for the better?

Digital Poland Foundation, in collaboration with UPC Poland, is delighted to invite you to the online webinar exploring how digital will change the future of work in the post-pandemic reality. A presentation of the “Future of Work is here” report will be followed by two fireside chats with the leading industry CEOs and policy-makers discussing how technology and digital transformation has redefined the modern concept of work and what’s next.

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