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Check out the newest solution for 3D Tolerance Analysis
CETOL 6σ is the leading 3D tolerance analysis tool of choice for PTC Creo, SOLIDWORKS, CATIA, and NX customers. This presentation will demonstrate the application of CETOL 6σ with a simple example problem. It will also demonstrate how the software can be used during design to make improvements as efficiently as possible and during production to help make several different types of business decisions including vendor selection, use/scrap decisions for non-compliant parts, and where best to spend money on data collection.

Is your company exploring putting your tolerance information into your part files to support a Model-Based Definition, or MBD, initiative? See how CETOL’s use of that data provides yet another benefit of MBD by seamlessly using the embedded tolerance data instead of requiring the user to retype the tolerance information within the tool. Furthermore, updates to either the embedded tolerances or to the part geometry are quickly reflected in the analysis results.

This one hour investment of your time will help you understand how companies in all industries are using CETOL 6σ to create designs that optimize the balance of high quality at low costs.


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