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Collaborative Care: Strategies for Unlocking Its Potential
Kicking off the next webinar series focusing on different Integrated Care models, the Center of Excellence on Integrated Health Solutions will focus on the Collaborative Care model in behavioral health and primary care settings. Dr. John Kern, Chief Medical Officer at Regional Mental Health Center, WA and Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences from the University of Washington, will discuss behavioral health treatment disparities, including shortages in the psychiatric field, reasons for not accessing mental health treatment, and barriers that both providers and patients encounter. Dr. Kern will also discuss an in-depth examination and analysis of the Collaborative Care model and describe the current underutilization, essential features, and the potential to improve overall patient well-being.

Join this webinar to hear from Dr. Kern and engage in a guided discussion lead by the Center of Excellence team about incorporating and improving collaborative care in medical practice.


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