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Beyond Teflon®: RF Assemblies for Extreme Applications”
RF engineers know that Teflon®* coaxial cables offer excellent performance, but every material has its limits. For cutting-edge phase performance in extreme, hostile environments, we offer a proprietary silicon dioxide (SiO2) dielectric material to deliver results beyond Teflon’s performance limits. Where other cable assemblies fail due to extreme temperatures or high radiation, SiO2 excels. When absolute phase performance is critical, SiO2 offers unrivaled performance.

These hermetically sealed cable assemblies are built to last and must be custom designed to fit each system. But the right solution does not need to be complicated. Our team has helped hundreds of customers specify and qualify the correct SiO2 cable assembly for their applications.

Join us to learn more about our SiO2 cable assemblies and hear about the latest innovations for microwave applications where failure is not an option.


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