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Business Continuity: Documenting your Business Process, Leveraging your People and Investments


Apr 23, 2020 01:33 PM

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Jonathan Warren
My passion for technology has been a propelling force in my life. I had mentors who took the time to teach me all about audio and visual engineering, editing software, and computer technologies which rapidly propelled me into a career in television journalism. Eventually, my love for innovation led me to a career in IT, specifically business process improvement solutions. As a solutions architect, I continued to hear the "this isn't working" stories of my clients and found real world solutions that improved their day to day work lives. Through those experiences, I became their trusted advisor and earned their respect. Today, I lead a national team of sales engineers in an effort to build structure and efficiency across various industries and business processes. We automate the mundane, repetitive tasks of our clients so that they are freed up to focus on their most important task: getting their job done.