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WHO FCTC Article 19: Using the Judicial System to Fight Tobacco


Nov 10, 2020 08:44 AM

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Davi Bressler
Attorney for Brazil @Solicitor General's Office/Attorney General's Office
Davi Bressler is an Attorney for Brazil in the Attorney General’s Office. Former Social Security Analyst and Attorney for Brazil in the Attorney General’s Office for the National Treasury. Part of the Attorney General’s Office team that, in 2019, filed a class action against the biggest tobacco manufacturers in Brazil, claiming reimbursement for the public health system of Brazil. Part of the expert group on Implementation of Article 19 of the WHO FCTC: “Liability” (2016).
Amos Hausner
Israeli attorney, tobacco control advocate and Board member @International Institute for Holocaust Studies
Practiced in prestigious NYC law firm. Then succeeded his father's law firm, Gideon Hausner, the prosecuting attorney of the Jewish People against Nazi criminal Adolph Eichmann. Judge of the High Court of the WZO (1998-2006). Currently Board member of Massuah, International Institute for Holocaust Studies. Tobacco Control Involvement: Started in 1983 with restrictions on smoking in public places. Applied successfully to the Supreme Court: to ban cigarette advertising in the IDF magazine (1987); removal of cigarette advertising from sport stadia and arenas (1992); and a smoking ban on all flights to and from Israel (1998). Initiated mandatory annual reporting by government on smoking (2000). Awarded honorary medal by WHO (1994). Established precedent entitling compensation for secondhand smoke exposure (2006) applying the Framework Convention. Expanded it successfully to class actions
Debby Sy
Head of Global Public Policy and Strategy @Global Center for Good Governance (GGTC)
Debby is a Johns Hopkins University IGTCI Awardee for Excellence in Advocacy (2012) for instituting tobacco industry monitoring activities which won the Bloomberg Award (M) for HealthJustice, a think tank aimed at bridging the gap between health and law—where she is the founding trustee and senior advisor. She collaborated with the Harrison Institute of Public Policy at Georgetown University on the recognition of tobacco control issues in trade and investment negotiations. She provides legal assistance on universal health care, health promotion, good governance, food and drug regulation, intellectual property, taxation, trade as well as women and children’s rights.