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How Can I Teach Anatomy and Physiology Online Using Lab Kits?
Participants will have the opportunity to hear from Alanna Tynes, an A&P subject matter expert with over 24 years of experience teaching A&P I and A&P II. She developed her first online science course in 2001 and to date has created 5 fully online science lab courses. An expert at teaching A&P courses online, using hands-on lab kits, Alanna will share her secrets of success. Also participating with Alanna will be Shannon McGurk, Director of Distance Learning at Carolina Biological. Shannon will be on hand to answer any logistical questions pertaining to the use of lab kits in online lab science courses.

Some of the key take-aways for the webinar will be:
- Dissections at home? What? When? Where? How?
- 10-15 minute dissection lab demo
- How are individual lab assessments for A&P done outside of the traditional lab?
- Can lab practicals be taken remotely?
- What NOT to do in an online A&P lab course! Lessons learned.

Intended Audience:
Deans, Department Chairs, Instructors, Instructional Designers, Online Learning Directors interested in putting their A&P Lab courses online without losing the important hands-on component.

This webinar is sponsored by Carolina Distance Learning.


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