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A New Inflection Point: How the Intersection of ESG and the Board is Impacting Directors & Officers Liability Insurance
Join us for a stimulating conversation around how the rising prominence of ESG related issues is impacting insurance for Directors & Officers Liability and other key coverages. It’s the dawn of a new balancing act for the Board. Employees, customers, regulators, investors, and other stakeholders are using their influence to demand change around multiple facets of ESG related issues – from climate change to diversity and everything in between. During this presentation, we will discuss how the rise in stakeholder capitalism is expanding the already complex business environment and amplifying risks for company Officers and Boards of Directors. Learn about the steps organizations should be taking to address the evolving risk landscape and what insurance underwriters will be expecting from your organization as we continue to operate in a protracted difficult insurance market. Hear about coverage enhancements available to those organizations that go above and beyond when it comes to their commitment to ESG and how they could reduce your total cost of risk.


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