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Employee risk quantification and mitigation
It's second nature for risk and compliance professionals in regulated firms to quantify financial risks, but when it comes to measuring employee or people risk many firms are at a loss, often relying on imprecise methods, or some cases guesswork to assess the degree of risk individuals or a group of employees may pose to a firm.

In this FREE 60 minute webinar, Adrian Harvey, CEO, Elephants don't forget and Grant Kennedy, Director, KRisk discuss how new data-driven approaches to employee risk can address your most significant risk blind spots and accelerate you towards developing a compliance culture.

Key areas of discussion will focus on how your firm can:

• Take the guess work out of employee risk management
• Effectively measure conduct and corporate culture
• Harness proven AI to do the hard work for you
• Quantify employee risks in a way the ExCo understand and want to engage with

Who should attend: Chief Risk Officers, HR Directors and Heads; Heads of Risk, Compliance and Learning; First Line Risk Managers and Risk champions.


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