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Tobacco Endgame - Spain
Join Laurent Huber, ASH Executive Director; Adriana Blanco, Head of Secretariat of the WHO FCTC; Francisco Rodríguez Lozano, ENSP President; John Mirisch, Beverly Hills City Councilmember; Chris Bostic, ASH Deputy Director for Policy; Raquel Fernández Megina, Nofumadores.org President; Ruth Malone, Tobacco Control Editor-in-Chief; Daniëlle Arnold, Health Funds for a Smokefree Netherlands Policy Advisor; Guy Muller, International Public Affairs Consultant of the Dutch Cancer Society; Richard Daynard, University Distinguished Professor of Law at Northeastern University and President of the Public Health Advocacy Institute; and Esteve Fernandez, Director of the Department of Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention at the Catalan Institute of Oncology, and Director of the WHO Collaborating Center for Tobacco Control, as they discuss the tobacco endgame in Spain.

This team of international experts will cite their experiences to contextualize the topic of a tobacco endgame in Spain. This discussion is an opportunity to learn from Spanish civil society representatives who will present their bold resolution to end Spain’s tobacco epidemic by decreasing the prevalence of smoking in Spain to under 5% by 2030.
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