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The Significance of the New Era of Data in Transmission & Distribution
The integration of distributed energy resources (DERs) into the electric grid is an absolute necessity and is accelerating at a rapid pace. However, DER integration is posing significant challenges with legacy energy models, existing generation fleets, and the need to maintain reliability, resilience, security, and stability of electric power systems. Providing a clean yet reliable energy supply will require significant changes on both the transmission and distribution (T&D) levels of the grid. Integrating big data from AMI and other sources is one of the most critical components in redesigning how we plan, operate, and design the grid. Join Zpryme and EPE as we discuss:

- How T&D utilities are planning for DER integration

- How T&D operations are affected by adding renewable energy resources

- How data can be collected and analyzed to help overcome DER and renewable integration challenges

- Dwayne Stradford, Managing Director, ENRA Strategic Initiatives, AEP
- Rolando Vega, Ph.D., P.E., Director, Enterprise Advanced Analytics, CPS Energy
- Hala Ballouz, President, Electric Power Engineers
- Dylan Lockwood, Sr Editor, Zpryme [Moderator]


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