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COVID-19 Office Hour - Navigating the New Normal; Taking Time for Self-Compassion During COVID-19
Without a clear end in sight, the COVID-19 pandemic has shifted careers, relationships, and lifestyles, drastically changing our day-to-day. We are all experiencing something new, causing us to learn and adapt to different and unfamiliar ways of communicating with loved ones, engaging in our communities, and maintaining our own health.
Navigating through this crisis and finding our “new normal” takes time and energy that’s often hard to find. Join us for our next COVID-19 Office Hour session, Navigating the New Normal; Taking Time for Self-Compassion During COVID-19, where we will discuss strategies and ideas for finding the time to incorporate self-compassion into our new normal and how to incorporate them long term into your daily life and organizations. We hope you can join the conversation to discuss:
• How is your organization prioritizing self-compassion and stress management during this time of crisis?
• What strategies are you using to promote self-compassion and stress management in your own life?
• How can we advocate or support you and your organization in promoting and implementing effective self-compassion strategies?


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