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From Intent to Action: Using Finance to Address Gender-Based Violence
Gender-based violence has enormous costs to the people who endure it, but also to society and the economy as a whole.

In the U.S. alone, the annual cost of lost productivity due to domestic violence is estimated as $727.8 million, with over 7.9 million paid workdays lost each year. A 2018 report found that the total economic costs to the U.S. economy caused by intimate partner violence were a staggering $3 trillion over the victims’ lifetimes.

While efforts focusing on using finance to address gender-based violence are still in the early days and many obstacles remain, there are a number of avenues investors can pursue.

Join us in a conversation with Tiedemann Advisors' Managing Director, Teresa Wells, and Criterion Institute's Founder and President, Joy Anderson, as we explore tools and opportunities for investors who wish to deploy their capital to bring gender-based violence to an end.


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