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Balancing People, Planet and Profit: Integrating Generosity into Social Impact-Driven Brand Stories
The International Social Impact Institute series Part 2

Hosted by Liz Ngonzi, Founder & CEO of The International Social Impact Institute.

Moderator: Dondrill Glover, Sr. Content Producer + Sr. Buyer Relations Strategist.

During this session participants will work to determine which part(s) of the social impact equation -- People, Planet and Profit – integrating into brand mission statements. Participants will generate mission statements and organizational social impact stories using The International Social Impact Institute’s Impact Story Development Framework


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Liz Ngonzi
Founder & CEO @The International Social Impact Institute
Bio: Liz Ngonzi is a New York-based international executive coach, social entrepreneur, educator, and speaker who helps purpose-driven leaders and organizations worldwide clarify and craft their stories to activate their stakeholders more effectively. She is also the founder and CEO of The International Social Impact Institute, which -- through initiatives with Hunter College in The City of New York, Giving Tuesday in the US, and The Resource Alliance in the UK and other partners worldwide -- amplifies the voices and impact of historically marginalized purpose-driven leaders. An award-winning Adjunct Assistant Professor in The Center for Global Affairs at New York University and international speaker, Liz has delivered courses and training to thousands of professionals from organizations on six continents, teaching them how to activate their stakeholders through effective digital storytelling. Liz holds a Master of Management in Hospitality degree with a Services Marketing focus from C
Dondrill Glover
Sr. Content Producer + Sr. Buyer Relations Strategist @NY NOW