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ACTenviro e-Manifest Webinar
Please join James Kapin, head of our consulting group, for a primer on the EPA’s new e-Manifest initiative. In addition to giving a history and general overview of the ripple effects of e-Manifest, Mr. Kapin will set aside more than 15 minutes of our scheduled 45-minute call to answer your questions. Feel free to send them to info@ACTenviro.com ahead of time, or submit them during the event using the webinar interface.

Mr. Kapin will drill down on these key aspects of e-Manifest:

• e-Manifest vs. hybrid manifest vs. paper manifest
• New 5-copy manifest
• e-Manifest in California
• How ACT will be implementing e-Manifest
• What generators need to do under e-Manifest

All of us at ACTenviro are working our hardest to make the move to e-Manifest as painless as possible for our customers. Thanks in advance for joining us!


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