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Mobile Insights: Automation
Join Adjust's Mobile Insights: Automation event with Pinger, Tally and IMVU. We will be discussing the role, impact and opportunity of automation for the mobile marketing ecosystem.

Today’s marketers often feel overwhelmed when managing marketing campaigns at scale; they report that over 80% of their time is spent on data gathering and merging of reports to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns.

Is there a better way to do this? Hear from Matias Honorato (Senior Growth Manager: Tally), Olivier Rozay (Chief Revenue Officer: Pinger) and Lomit Patel (Vice President Growth: IMVU) on the huge benefits they have seen since introducing innovative automated solutions.

A marketer’s value lies in the ability to devise exciting and creative marketing strategies. Join our webinar on how automation frees time from repetitive, mundane tasks to do just that.

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