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Endgame Policy: Tobacco-Free Generation
There are a number of tobacco policy options that can be called endgame policies. Through ASH’s Project Sunset, we aim to encourage more jurisdictions to look for ways to end the production, marketing, and sale of tobacco products, but we are not prescriptive on the policy as local and country contexts and prevalence rates need to drive the policy choice.
One such policy concept is Tobacco Free Generation (TFG), which refers to proposed legislation that no one born after a certain date will ever be allowed to purchase tobacco products. Essentially, the age to buy tobacco products goes up one year, every year, creating a “tobacco-free generation.
For this webinar, Chris Bostic of ASH will lay the groundwork of how TFG fits into ASH’s Project Sunset endgame work. Professor Jon Berrick of the National University of Singapore will provide the logic behind the Tobacco-Free Generation concept (TFG). And Professor Dick Daynard of the Public Health Advocacy Institute (PHAI) at Northeastern University School of Law with expand more on TFG, where it’s seen movement, and answer any questions.


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