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Stump our GD&T Experts
How much time have you spent selecting your GD&T datums, callouts, and tolerances in the past month? After the time-consuming process of selecting these items, how many times have you then had to spend even more time explaining your design intent to the downstream consumers of your drawings?

If you are in the Manufacturing or Inspection teams, how much time have you spent going back and forth with a drawing that doesn't make any sense?

GD&T can be a rather confusing and complex language when approached from a novice or intermediate perspective. Send in your questions, concerns, and existing problems to get free advice on how best to approach your situation. As experts in the rules, use, and training of GD&T, Sigmetrix can help you get the most out of the GD&T in your definitions.

If your company is struggling with GD&T, please join us for this webinar. We'll get you pointed in the right direction.


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