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Take advantage of market conditions and handle unexpected changes like a pro
The objective of this webinar is to outline and describe the potential "problems", direct or indirect, that a logistics company may have, and provide possible solutions from a holistic approach based on four main pillars: technology, talent, coaching, and networking. Though it is not possible to be fully prepared to face unexpected changes, there are ways to mitigate these risks and better assess your company's capability to deal with them.

Being the Logistics and Transportation market so volatile, we are used to facing changes every day. During this webinar, we will be outlining steps you can take - from creating strategies to help define your strategic goals, to how to better assess your technology - that will enable you to take advantage of existing market volatility. We will also talk about how to apply these steps to effectively deal with unexpected changes.

How do changes affect your people, your technology, your training plans, and even your networking capacity? How can you assess your company's capacity to deal with change? We will be answering these questions and more, in this webinar. We are looking forward to your active participation!

We will be talking about Capacity Crunches / Freight Price Fluctuations / Health Crisis And Pandemics / Technology Shifts / Weather/ Government Actions And General Economic Conditions.


- Market Changes: Expected and Unexpected
- Approaching changes through Strategy
- Approaching changes through Talent
- Approaching changes through Technology
- About Hubtek
- Q&A

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