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Instructional Design and Course Planning for OER
Since the majority of OER are delivered online, even a face-to-face course that uses OER digital material becomes, in effect, a hybrid course, making online course design an essential element in planning. OER presents an opportunity for faculty to refresh and renew their courses and by means of intentional planning, improve course design and student learning. No matter whether faculty are working on their own or with the support of an instructional designer, course development should involve an intentional and practical step-by-step (modular) process.

This webinar will discuss a strategy for course design with OER, and will present two practical and easy to use tools to guide the course planning, course design, and development processes. The evaluation and selection criteria checklist will assist faculty in choosing the most appropriate OER for their courses. We also introduce a course planning tool that can be used by faculty as part of an instructional design consultation, working independently, or in conjunction with faculty development efforts. Both of these instruments are themselves OER, and attendees can adopt or adapt them for their own needs.

- Better understanding of the need for international and thoughtful course planning and design for OER.
- Two practical, easy-to-use tools to assist in the course development process with OER.
- Prepare for planning and implementation of OER, from learning how to find, select, and evaluate OER using appropriate standards and criteria, to completing a course planning document to implement revisions or integration of a chosen OER within a course.

Intended audience:
Instructional Designers, Faculty, Learning Experience Designers, Instructional Technologists, Online Education Directors, Faculty Developers, Librarians, OER Coordinators, Higher Education Administrators

Please note: This webinar will be recorded and all registered participants will receive a link to the recording after the webinar.


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