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Best Practices for Online Worship Ministry: How to create immersive online worship experiences marked by excellence, passion, and presence!
- Why worship matters in moments of crisis
- How emotion and devotion impact worship
- Declaring biblical truth through song and music
- Innovative ways to create collaborative moments of worship
- Producing content that impacts lifestyle
- 'Less is more' and other tips to maximize this moment of creativity
- Listen in - Coaching our worship teams to hear His voice
- Lights, camera, worship - The mechanics of leading people in worship through a lens
- Pieces of the puzzle - How to put it all together
- Anthems of Hope - Quenching the thirst for good news in a bad news world
- A global pandemic calls for global perspectives

Webinar Guests:
- Brooke Nicholls
-Darrick Tam
- Jenni McGrew
- Mathew McIntosh
- Sean Daniel
- Ranjit Abraham

For Pastors, Church Staff, Worship Pastors/Leaders, Worship Team Members, Audio/Video Teams and more.


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