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Choices: Making the Right Ones to Re-establish Consumer Trust for Effective On-site Reopening's
While the entertainment and hospitality industries are in a battle to survive, re-open, and thrive amidst COVID-19, the businesses making decisions to adapt, innovate, and re-establish trust will be the ones to win in the long term. Making the right choices to ensure that guests will trust returning back on-site is about decisions across product, process, and people. As an industry rewrites its playbook, choices are the focus of the market. Making choices on digital ordering solutions, physical operational changes, venue layouts, staff decisions, or strategies around the communication of these choices, will dictate success and survival. Join us as we gather a group of industry veterans to discuss the ways in which their organizations have adapted with a focus on building long term, consumer-oriented strategies for venue re-openings.


Jon Dienstag, VP, Strategy & Development, Noble

Jeff Hamilton, President & General Manager, Mohegan Sun

Jason Reed, VP, Venue Division, Spectrum Catering & Concessions


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