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Indoor Ag Conversations Presents: AI & Robotics -- What's Economically Viable & Feasible For Indoor Farms Today
Join our CEO panel as we take a deep dive into AI , Robotics and Vision Technology for Controlled Environment Agriculture.

During this session, we’ll talk about:
-- CEOs share how their companies are incorporating AI & Robotics into their products
-- Sensors, technologies and platforms with AI and Robotics available for commercial indoor farm growers. What are the different uses and applications with AI and Robotics currently?
--Different uses and applications with AI and Robotics
--How the data/information generated from AI integration can be useful to growers
--How small/low-tech growers can incorporate AI
--Bottlenecks /challenges for growers and/or indoor farmers to consider when integrating AI and Robotics into their systems and operations
--What is practical, economical and feasible with AI and Robotics for indoor farmers to incorporate into their operations, what does ROI look like, and achieve short term returns and impact?
--Research, education and more!

Dr. Murat Kacira, Director of the Controlled Environment Agriculture Center and Professor of Biosystems Engineering Department, University of Arizona

Adam Greenberg, CEO, iUNU
Samuel Bertram, CEO & Co-Founder, OnePointOne
Nick Genty, CEO, AgEye Technologies

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