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KHQ Lawyers - Product Recall: Risk Management & Crisis Response
Is your business prepared to handle a product recall event? Are you aware of your insurer’s requirements and how they can support your business in preparing for a recall? Do you have a crisis response plan? How will you deal with any enforcement or legal proceedings if there is a serious claim?

Please join us for a practical session with our expert panel covering everything you need to know to ensure you are response ready for a product recall, including: preparing for a recall event and managing risks; the process of running a recall; working with your insurer; how to manage communications, messaging and brand reputation; managing claims and litigation; and how to respond to and manage a crisis.

This session is a must for any business involved in the manufacturing and distribution of products that could impact public health or safety, including food and beverage, pharmaceuticals and complementary medicines, electrical goods, toys and plant and equipment.


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