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WHO FCTC Article 2.1: The Overlooked Article’s Impact on Endgame
The Framework Convention on Tobacco Control was intended to be the floor for tobacco control, not the ceiling. Article 2.1 states, “In order to better protect human health, Parties are encouraged to implement measures beyond those required by this Convention and its protocols, and nothing in these instruments shall prevent a Party from imposing stricter requirements that are consistent with their provisions and are in accordance with international law.” Join our speakers as they discuss the intentions behind this article, and the possibilities for accelerating and exceeding the FCTC in order to achieve the objectives of the treaty “to protect present and future generations from the devastating health, social, environmental and economic consequences of tobacco consumption and exposure to tobacco smoke.”
• Mary Assunta, Senior Policy Advisor at Southeast Asia Tobacco Control Alliance (SEATCA) & Head of Global Research and Advocacy at Global Center for Good Governance in Tobacco Control (GGTC)
• Guy Muller, International Public Affairs Consultant of the Dutch Cancer Society (DCS)
• Chris Bostic, Deputy Director for Policy at Action on Smoking and Health (ASH)
• Dr. Marita Hefler, News Editor for BMJ Tobacco Control and a senior post-doctoral research fellow and lecturer at the Menzies School of Health Research in Darwin, Australia


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