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True or False: Myths About Coaching & Training.
Continuing with our monthly topic, Debunking Myths, join our LIVE webinar on April 28th, at 2:00 PM EDT, titled, "True or False: Myths about Coaching and Training" focused on the logistics and transport industry in North America. This is the third webinar of the series.

Creating a more efficient organization is a function of investing in and committing to improving internal processes, investing in employees, and applying technology solutions to be more efficient. To accomplish that you will need to have a good plan, a well-trained team, and a coaching strategy, but saying and doing are two different things and the concept of "Coaching" "training" "Planning" is rather subjective. During this webinar, we are aiming to answer some of the most common myths, questions, and misconceptions there are about Strategic Coaching, Planning, and Training your team.


- What is coaching?
- What is training?
- Myths about coaching and training
- Most common questions about coaching and training

- Joel McGinley, Hubtek LLC & TranStrategy Partners, Co-Founder & Managing Director.
- Craig Germain, Chief Operating Officer at XTL TRANSPORT INC. XTL
- Stephen Seifridsberger, Logistics & Transportation Manager of Shaker Logistics

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