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How to Handle Layoffs and Furloughs Due to COVID-19
What crazy times we find ourselves in. We’re facing record layoffs, furloughs, and downsizing for many, while others are overworked, expanding, and cannot hire fast enough. Through it all, there’s one thing for certain—everything around us has changed and will continue to change at a rapid pace. This leaves all of us facing critical questions regarding our positions, our careers, and our personal lives as we attempt to navigate through both what’s happening today, and what comes next.

Whatever the future holds, it’s important that we have a plan; and a good place to start is by getting advice from those with the knowledge and expertise to help point us in the right direction. With more than 85 years of career coaching, mentoring, recruiting and placement, our panel of career counselors are bringing you professional advice and expert guidance to help navigate through these difficult times.

Join us on Friday April 10 at 11:00 am EDT for a career counseling webinar with Gene Smith, Jac Brittain, and Chris O’Leary as we help answer some of your questions and give guidance on important considerations and actions you should take to protect yourself and your family. They will also be recommending additional opportunities you may want to take advantage of as well.

Topics will include:

· Crisis and Wellness—Developing your professional and personal plan for your situation

· Broaden Yourself—Now is also a time of opportunity; take advantage where you can

· Practical Information—Resources, networking, resume, and interview advice

· What’s Next—The world has changed and will not be the same, how should you adapt and evolve to be ready for the new reality.

There will also be a Q&A session, and we will be offering links to resources and articles you may find useful.


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