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The Evolution of Consumer-Brand Relationships
Brands have a profound impact on society and culture. The movements they champion, the people they promote, and the campaigns they launch – all influence the perceptions of humans around the world. Gone are the days of product-driven purchasing behaviours, consumers have become more interested in the values of the brand than the products themselves. In 2021, consumers are looking to be an ambassador for the brands they care about and they expect to see progress – this is no longer a transactional relationship, your customers are investing in you.

• The transition from product to brand-driven purchasing behaviour and what that means for both your brand marketing team and the wider organization
• How content marketing became an essential part of marketing and changed the consumer-brand relationship
• The lasting impact of Covid-19 on changing customer expectations and innovation

Speakers to be announced soon. Email jasmine.kees@thomsonreuters.com for more details


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