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True or False: Myth Summary Automation, Staffing and Coaching
Last month our topic was, "Debunking Myths". In our "True and False" webinars, we’ve addressed some of the most common misconceptions and questions our industry has regarding topics such as Automation, Staffing, Strategic Coaching, and Training. We had as our panelists Joel McGinley, Diego Salazar, Elizabeth Velez, Stephen Seifridsberger, Craig Germain, Mariana Valencia, Dale Prax, Walter Mitchell, and Ricky González. With more than 30 years of combined experience, their shared knowledge on these topics provided us with many explanations and answers to the questions and myths that are out there.  We will be releasing a summary of what was covered in this webinar series.

Register to watch our today's webinar titled “Summary of True or False: Automation, coaching and Outsourced Staffing”. If you missed any of this series, it’s the perfect chance to get a recap of it to hear from our experts about the favorite myths and common questions they answered.


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