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Financial DNA Community Call


May 8, 2019 03:53 PM

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Leon Morales
Managing Director @DNA Behavior International
Leon is a seasoned leader and consultant with experience working in finance, technology, operations, accounting and organizational change. Leon is passionate about assisting organizations unlock the power of behavioral understanding to successfully accomplish business goals. He works with leaders to further develop their organizational goals and to build collaborative teams than can execute.
Nikki Evans
CLO, Chief Learning Officer @DNA Behavior International
Nikki is passionate about helping people make small adjustments to their style that lead to huge gains in employee engagement, satisfaction and productivity. She works with teams to improve communication, understanding and help them achieve even more. In addition, Nikki loves working with smart, motivated people who just need a little support or slight change in perspective to get more of what they want. She is an insightful coach with scientifically validated assessments to help clients meet their goals. She Nikki says, " I believe that work can and should be a place where we thrive and grow."