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Connecting Cloud Connected Devices to SmartThings


Apr 16, 2019 11:07 AM

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Ingvar Marstorp
Staff Software Engineer @Samsung SmartThings
Ingvar has been working at SmartThings since mid 2016. He has worked on device integrations for speakers, tvs, thermostats, as well as smart apps such as SpeakerCompanion that merged four existing smart apps into one with a dynamic simplified fluid user interface. He’s currently working on building a platform that will simplify the process for a 3rd party cloud device manufacturer to integrate their devices into the SmartThings cloud.
Rohan Desai
Senior Software Engineer @Samsung SmartThings
I have been working at SmartThings since early 2016. Since I joined, I have worked on different projects including being responsible for the voice integrations we had on our platform like Alexa and Google Assistant. Currently, I have been working on building a platform which will make the onboarding process very simple for 3rd party cloud devices on our platform.