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Systems Change Series
Two Loops Model of Systems Change -
Thursday, June 1, 2017

We can learn a lot from observing how change seems to naturally occur in the world around us. In the “Two Loops” model of system change, we'll learn how change happens naturally in human systems, too. This webinar will teach about this basic systems change model and how we can best put this understanding to use in our own efforts.

Shared Work -
Thursday, July 6, 2017

Often the differences between collaborators — different perspectives, backgrounds, ideologies and aspirations — becomes the focus of meetings rather than getting work done together. In this webinar, Tim and Tuesday will present the Shared Work model, which emphasizes getting to work and offers up important stances to take in our collaborative work.

Collaborative Advantage -
Thursday, August 3, 2017

If we work together, we can overcome challenges and find ways forward that none of us could reach alone. Many of us are now being tasked with gathering people together for collaborative action. This webinar will focus on the Collaborative Advantage model, which outlines a simple process for making change, the levels of impact of that change, and the elements needed to be successful.

Systems Change and Social Justice -
Thursday, Sept 7, 2017

Many systems change efforts lack a meaningful way to address issues of power and social transformation. Many also lack a coherent strategy for engaging stakeholders throughout the system in change efforts. In this webinar, Tim and Tuesday will share a pragmatic systems change model that integrates the voices of those who are impacted throughout the system.
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